What Type of Refrigerant Should You Use for an AC Installation?

When it comes to air conditioning systems, selecting the right refrigerant is essential.


is the most popular hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant for new commercial air conditioning systems in the U. S., but many R22 systems still exist. However, R-410A is expected to be phased out and replaced by R-32.

To help you make the best decision for your system, here is a guide to air conditioning refrigerants and the two types of refrigerants used in air conditioning equipment. The main differences between refrigerants are their flammability, toxicity, and heat transfer coefficient. R-22 is neither flammable nor toxic, and has a fairly low heat transfer coefficient that makes it an ideal refrigerant for domestic air conditioning. On the other hand, many of the new refrigerants are mildly flammable (A2L), so HVAC technicians will need much more training and safety measures to work with them. When you upgrade your refrigeration system to R-410A, a new set of piping and a new evaporator coil will be installed to replace older, non-compatible equipment.

Additionally, new equipment such as vacuum pumps and the additional time for gases to safely dissipate could cause installation and repair to take longer than they would otherwise. EPA regulations are responsible for phasing out refrigerants containing chlorine compounds (CFC and HCFC) in favor of Puron, based on hydrofluorocarbons. As a manager or facility owner, you may be wondering what this means for your current systems and for the systems you purchased before the transition. At Cool Rays AC, we understand how important it is to select the correct refrigerant for your desired application. That's why we created AC & Heating Connect – to provide accurate and timely information about air conditioning and equipment, along with objective opinions and knowledge. If you want to discuss your options or find out what type of air conditioner is in your home, call us and schedule a service call with an expert HVAC technician.

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