Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System for Your Home: An Expert's Guide

When it comes to cooling your home, you have two main options: window units or central air conditioning. If you're looking to cool a small space, window air conditioners are a cost-effective solution. But if you're cooling more than five rooms, central air conditioning is the way to go. Installing a window unit is relatively straightforward.

It doesn't matter if your house is newly built or decades old. The air conditioner must be in a shaded or partially shaded window, as direct sunlight can reduce its efficiency by up to 10 percent. Before installing, open the window as far as you can, remove the screen, and clean the window sill, glass, and frame. Some window units come with upper and lower mounting rails that help secure the unit to the window.

Align the center of the air conditioner with the mark you made earlier to indicate the center of the window. Make sure there's enough free space for air to flow unhindered, so choose a window free of furniture, trees, shrubs, walls, or other obstacles 20 inches away from the unit. Once the installation process is complete, fix the side panels in an accordion shape by sliding them along the slots on each side of the air conditioner. Ask your assistant to hold the window unit securely while you lower the open window frame until it is over the top of the air conditioner.

The upper mounting rail should rest directly in front of the lower edge of the frame. A properly installed air conditioner must be fixed to the window without an additional support bracket. Central air conditioning offers a permanent and efficient system that allows you to control temperature settings throughout your home with one system. Placing an air conditioner unit in a window near central air can help cooler air circulate throughout your house. If you're considering a window unit, keep in mind that it's a quick solution with some drawbacks. Some complexes don't allow them for aesthetic reasons or because a poorly installed unit could fall out of the window and create a safety hazard.

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