How Often Should You Service Your AC Unit After Installation? A Comprehensive Guide

It is highly recommended that you service your home air conditioning system at least once a year. This should be done in early to mid-spring for optimal performance. However, for the best results, it would be wise to have your unit serviced in the fall as well. An HVAC contractor will focus on your furnace to prepare your system for the colder temperatures.

Experts agree that you should check your air conditioner twice a year. It is best to schedule the tune-up of your air conditioner in late spring and fall. Heating and air conditioning equipment, regardless of its type, must be inspected, cleaned, and repaired at least once a year. The ideal scenario is to check the heating system in the fall and the air conditioning in the spring.

Oil-fueled equipment must be cleaned and repaired annually, at the start of each heating season. It is also recommended that you change or clean filters once a month during the season of use. If you only use the air conditioner occasionally, you can do it every other month, but it's best to get in the habit of doing it on the first day of every month. With so many reasons to care for your air conditioning system, it's clear that you should perform biannual air conditioning maintenance.

Some air conditioning manufacturers require warranty holders to keep their cooling and heating systems in good working order. One way to save money and keep your air conditioner in top condition is to take out an annual air conditioning service plan. Additionally, you should make some basic preparations for winter to reduce the risk of rust, weather damage, and wildlife nesting or eating the mechanical parts of your air conditioner. Over time, air conditioner coils can become dirty, which will reduce cooling and decrease efficiency.

It also keeps the air in your home clean, and there are plenty of other reasons to keep your air conditioning system clean. Now that you know how often you should repair your air conditioner, hire an HVAC professional to maintain it to extend its life. Even if you book an annual air conditioning service frequently, there are things you can do throughout the year to optimize the efficiency of your air conditioner and make it work at its best. Rinse the outdoor unit with a garden hose to remove insects, droppings, and dirt, and then allow the unit to dry completely.

Not performing regular maintenance such as changing air filters and adjusting the air conditioning unit once a year can void the warranty. The condensing pipe removes moisture that accumulates in the system when the air conditioner is running. While many people let their HVAC technician worry about the air conditioner filter, you should actually change it at least every 90 days. There are many benefits to checking your air conditioner regularly; one of which is that it inevitably saves you money.

Dirty filters can affect air quality in the home and inhibit air flow to the system, making the machine work harder to cool the house. As dirt and dust accumulate in the evaporator coil, it acts as an insulator limiting its ability to absorb heat from the air. With this knowledge in mind, make sure you service your AC unit regularly for optimal performance.

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