What to Know Before Installing an Air Conditioner

Installing an air conditioner is a complex process that requires careful planning and preparation. Before replacing your old system, it is important to have a licensed professional come to analyze your existing HVAC system and conduct a thorough assessment of the site. They will determine any details of the work that were overlooked during the initial HVAC consultations and bring any special tools needed for the job. The installation process begins with securing the outdoor unit to the ground.

The contractor then installs the interior cabinet, electrical wires, refrigerant tubes, and new air ducts for the system. Once these components are installed, the new air conditioning unit is plugged into an electrical outlet. A good technician will explain all aspects of the job before you start working, including drilling holes for new ducts, coolant lines, or wiring. They should also explain if other domestic systems could be affected, such as water heating for hydro-air systems, or if any circuit breakers will need to be turned off and for how long.

It is essential to plan ahead when installing an air conditioner

. Before starting with replacement, it is recommended to obtain up to four HVAC installation cost estimates from reputable contractors or HVAC companies.

Upon arrival at your property, the HVAC contractor will measure the square footage and perform load calculations based on the area's climate, the size of the property and the condition of the structure's envelope, or its capacity to contain air conditioning. When replacing a part of the system, be it the HVAC compressor or the air controller, it is recommended that both systems be upgraded and, at a minimum, inspecting the ducts if they need to be replaced. The recommended air conditioning installation may include improving the insulation of the attic or narrow spaces, re-sealing windows and doors, or repairing cracks in the exterior walls where the air conditioner could escape. Once the circuit breaker is turned off, Corinth HVAC installation technicians can start removing old wiring from the disconnect box. When the installation is complete, they will clean up any mess they made and leave your property as it was before. Today's air conditioning systems offer high-efficiency heating and cooling only when properly installed. Knowing exactly what to expect can make everything much less overwhelming when installing a new air conditioning system.

Be sure to obtain multiple estimates from reputable contractors or HVAC companies before starting with replacement.

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