Cooling Solutions for Humid Climates: Alternatives to Central Air Conditioning

When the heat and humidity become unbearable, it's time to look for alternatives to central air conditioning. Dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners (PACs), ceiling fans, and other cooling solutions can help you beat the heat in a humid climate. A dehumidifier is the best solution for operating an air cooler in humid conditions. It removes water vapor from the air, leaving drier air that naturally feels cooler than humid air.

This is more environmentally friendly and economical than having an air conditioner, and it's also less aggressive in terms of cooling. A PAC is a great option when it comes to cooling a room. Even in exposed, hot, arid climates, the coldest temperatures are never too far away. For example, in Jaipur, the capital of the state of Rajasthan in northern India, daytime temperatures usually exceed 40°C in the summer months.

However, just a few meters underground, the Earth's temperature in the region is still much milder, at 25°C, even despite the most intense summer heat. Checking BTUs and CFMs (depending on what the manufacturer provides as a reference) is a good reference to see how powerful an air cooler can be. It's worth noting that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, central air is the third highest final energy consumption in the home, making it difficult to bill electricity and is much less energy efficient than cooling methods such as portable air conditioning units, dehumidifiers, sun-blocking blinds, and window tinting. As you can see, most air coolers also work as humidifiers and this can be irrelevant when the atmosphere is already humid.

In humid conditions, to get the most out of your air cooler, you may want to combine it with a dehumidifier. The combination of an Evapolar EvaChill and a dehumidifier would provide powerful air cooling with fresh, humid air and the dehumidifier would remove unnecessary moisture. Make sure you maximize the effectiveness of a ceiling fan by setting it to turn counterclockwise as it draws in the hottest air upwards and pushes the colder air down, creating a very cold breeze. We'll provide you with a list of best practices on how to make your best air cooler for a humid climate more efficient.

This Grelife portable air cooler is a fan, a humidifier and an air cooler with 3 speeds, 3 modes, 12-hour timing, wide oscillation, silence, child lock and cold air mode as well as other functions to meet all your daily needs so that you no longer worry about the heat in summer. To keep air flowing comfortably into your home workspace, a desk fan generates a fresh burst of local air when you don't want to run the entire system. A PAC is a solid alternative to central air conditioning but a window air conditioner takes up much less space which definitely matters if you live in a small apartment or house with small rooms. The fact that the roof is covered with vegetation also helps to lower the temperature in the lower space in addition to providing habitat for wildlife found at the top.

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